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Iron Man

Magnificent metal art. 3-dimensional eagle, the blue herons, and the ‘Iron man’

Original Designs

Numerous exhibits of Don's work, both photo art and metal sculpture

Custom Metal Sculptures

Surrealism sculpture. Beautifully imperfect metal sculptures


Nature. Modern colours of rock formations.

Why commission Don Francis to create the project for you?

Don combines his welding trade with artistic creativity to make unique one-of-a-kind art pieces that are both beautiful and functional.
He is very passionate about his sculpting and he has developed a reputation of creating masterpieces.

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Don Francis' Portfolio

“I am accessible and flexible. Lets discuss ideas and work together to design a unique piece.
Let me weld those ideas together for you in a piece that you will cherish forever.”

More on Photo Blog

The Francis Gallery Photo Blog

Check out Don's latest pieces.

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Don Francis
blog image 2
Metal Man
blog image 3
Showcasing metal artwork on the beach
blog image 4
Enlarged photographed rock formations

Artwork Buyers

Don's clients range from individuals to businesses seeking to own a timeless piece that will make a statement while being appreciated for generations to come. Each investment you purchase will bring you many returns by the compliments and appreciative comments by those who see the impact of the pieces.

What critics say about Don's pieces?

Don diplayes exceptional talent

client image 1


client image 2

Unique! Truly, great talent in his work!

client image 3

Contact Don

Please contact us with your questions, design ideas or suggestions, and quotes for custom work. All designs are highly modifiable.

You can reach Don Francis by:

phone: 604 590 1503 or by email:

We are located in Vancouver BC Canada and would love to meet with you to discuss your future designs.
We ship worldwide.

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